The National HRD Network (NHRDN) is a Global Centre for Grooming Leaders and the National Apex body of professionals committed to promoting the People Development movement in the country as well as enhancing the capability of human resource professionals to compete globally, thereby creating value for society. Towards this end, National HRD Network is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research and experience sharing. Established over three decades ago, NHRDN is an autonomous, not-for-profit, professionally managed organization, playing a catalyst role in grooming Leaders for Tomorrow. It has over 13,000 members representing Multinationals, Public and Private organizations including Government, MSME and NGOs spread across 30 Chapters in India, and serves as a reference point for HR Professionals in Indian Industry.


As an institution, NHRD has had an eventful journey of over three and half decades. NHRDN has been immensely enriched by the learning from the past over 33 years. NHRDN logo reflects current times and which provides a consistent and coordinated expression of our identity. It is indeed our privilege to introduce you to NHRDN logo, an exciting harbinger of our ability to welcome and embrace change.

The NHRDN logo aims to cement the foundation of our intent, convey the collaborative spirit, lend focus on organizational goals, and direct efforts towards institutional credibility and distinction. An institution’s identity, which reflects the vision of the organization, is an invaluable asset. A powerful brand image acts like a pillar for a strong corporate identity.

Corporate Identity
In the highly competitive world of human resources. It is important to create a corporate identity that stands out from the crowd. It all depends upon the way you and your clients interact and this will in turn have an effect upon your corporate identity and promotional activities.

Your corporate identity must reflect your company’s personality. Corporate identity of a company encompasses its services, achievements, and its unique features and the factors that distinguish your organisation from the others. A powerful brand image acts like a pillar for a strong corporate identity.

Brand Vision

  • Functional Role: To augment knowledge and skills relevant to HRD, its philosophy, processes and implementation, through explorations and experimentation.
  • Driving Belief: The Institution believes that every human being has the potential to do remarkable things. We have the ability to tap that potential.
  • Brand Commitments: Develop a superior working environment for human beings, where in they shall become self-reliant.
  • Personality: Smart, Honest, Global HR Personnel.

The NHRD Network is all about tapping unexplored human potential. The anthropocentric logo represents the idea that we help complete the missing pieces in any HR practitioner’s life, be it professional or personal. The jigsaw piece represents a single individual, because it is the individual who has the power to change oneself. Only he/she can complete the circle of life. The Typography deployed for the NHRDN logo is the font “Arial Narrow”. This is a more contemporary, sans-serif font which is considered versatile, and interestingly carries more features of the Humanist classification amongst typeface characteristics, perhaps aptly reflecting the origin of the HRD function which has its roots in humanism.

Colours of the NHRDN Logo
Colours have a dominant role in terms of fulfilment, and as most of us would have experienced, they transmit stimuli more responsive than words. The consilience of disciplines such as art, psychology, cognition and form creates a collective perception of colour in our minds. Colour has the power to change emotions and cause reactions. The brand colours of NHRD have been chosen to represent an identity that symbolizes the virtues of the organization, and the HR function itself which is the custodian of the human capital. Blue represents a calm, trustworthy quality. Long considered a corporate colour, this Oxford blue is associated with intelligence, optimism, people orientation and stability. The red, symbolizing energy and enthusiasm, breaks the monotony adding a sense of excitement as it perks up a more subdued cool pallet of blue. Our new logo reflects our faith in our ability to seize the future and make a true difference. This was a step to make NHRDN even more vibrant, relevant and meaningfully contemporary



The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
The distance organizations need to travel from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ depends a lot on their ability to deliver sustained business performance that creates a win-win for all key stakeholders. A key enabler to this is a robust Performance Management system that motivates employees to take stretch goals and reward them for the meaningful contributions.
Planning for talent – quality and quantity – and then attracting them is one of the constant challenges HR professionals face in today’s War for Talent. Does your organization have a formal manpower planning process? What are the recruitment channels you use most frequently? What recruitment metrics are used by organizations?